Coming soon...

A retro animated gif in pixel art style. It depicts a tiny shoolbus with a different animal on each window. There's a cow, a giraffe, a cat and a frog.

Not much to see here, unless you're really really curious. Just a list of ideas about thigs that could *go* on this little place on the internet so I have something to look at when I'm bored and uninspired. Think of it as an useless Trello board.

  • Features: the page should have a counter. Will I have to set up some Firebase or something? There has to be an easier way.
  • Features: I'd really like the cursor to be fancy and animated.
  • Features: there was this library that emulated mouton.exe. Ya know, that lil sheep mascot that walked through the desktop. You should check if it's safe.
  • Assets: Would be fun to have your own homemade divider gifs.
  • Assets: a really fancy heading decoration. Like those ones that look like chandeliers. But you do it.
  • Pages: a collections gallery (context for the curious visitor: I collect a ton of 80s and 90s... and other toys and stickers. Mostly My Little Pony, also Cutie Club, right now Strawberry Shortcake repros... I'm guessing you now get what I mean).
  • Updates: Remember to update the tech blog weekl-ish-ly.
  • Assets: now that the site is darker, dolls should be rainbower. Animate some new cute divas.
  • Pages: Video games fun page. Mostly sims. Maybe rollercoaster tycoon. Have not thought this one through.