The Lucy Linn... spiracy

Lucy Linn is and always was my family nickname. I did (do) not always write it that way, it's spelling has changed through the years. I always thought it eas a cute-ification of my real name without real background... until I got into the vintage toy collecting hobby. I was one day browsing for stickers when a listing called my attention. It was for a box full of stickers packs. The stickers were for an album called "Un paseo con Lucy Linn" ("A stroll with Lucy Linn" and there she was. A very cute, very pink, very blonde cartoon girl I've never seen but carried my name. I got curious. Looking her up does not shed much ligh. She's argentinian, as I am, from the earlie eighties, as i am. She was a character used to market an ecletic selection of products: water cups, triket boxes, statioary, tooth brushes... lots of things. Judging by how often her listings pop up on collectors groups. they seem to have produced quite a lot. I could not dind the name of the people who came up with her. Only the company thaT seems to no longer exist. More on that late. This space will be devoted to archive the listing (and other) pictures I find of her and any information I get, just for safekeeping and in case there's other Lucy linns interested out there. Am I her namesake? I'll never know. Neither of my parents remembered the character. But my cousin, 10 years older than me is certain that's where the nickname came feom and she just cannot believe no one else in the family remembers it. But enough about me. Will update as I can, this is very much an in construction space.